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My goal is to provide readers to the blog and listeners to the podcast, advice tips, and insight to the world of art, animation, comics, and cartoons.

Throughout my life and career I have relied on my own abilities and hard work.

It has thus far gotten me:

  • Eight feature film credits,
  • Six television credits
  • Seven  gallery shows
  • Three self published comic books
  • My own animated short for a major network
  • Five animation festivals
  • Independently Produced Animation Instructional DVD
  • A whole lineup of developed animation properties

While others may have spent their time socializing, running around in circles, and pinching each other in the butt, I was at my desk drawing and handing in exceptional work.    I am about getting things done not how many “friends” I have in my network.  I am about truth, innovation and the integrity of the art.

With this blog and podcast I want to share my experiences and stories with anyone interested in art and animation.    I offer nothing but truth and my opinion as well as suggestions and training advice for artists.  I promise to deliver this information in interesting and entertaining ways.

At Man vs. Art we like to call that “putting extra salsa on the tacos.”


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