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Got a Question? An opinion? You want to show your love or chew me out?


Leave me a voice mail on the Official Man vs. Art Minion Hotline!


Make sure you state your name, where you are from and also plug your web site or blog!


I’ll play your message on the show and respond to it!

So what are you waiting for? It’s a 24 hour hotline!


Operators are standing by!


By which I mean Che.


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  3 Responses to “Hotline”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by JavierHernandez, Raul Aguirre Jr.. Raul Aguirre Jr. said: Minions! Got a Question? Or a comment? Be heard! Leave a voice mail on the Man vs. Art Minion Hotline! 206-203-4774 http://bit.ly/fIvxIa […]

  2. Raul!

    I came across your podcast last week and downloaded your interview with Don Bluth because I worked with him back on American Tail.
    Lovely, sincere and giving man. Miss him greatly.

    Halfway through your interview driving home last night ……….I started to cry.
    I’m not a crier. I’m a jaded old school 2D animator and concept artist who scrambled into the arms of the video game studios for better job “security” for my family. (hah.)
    I don’t know if it was the sincere passion and enthusiasm with which you spoke of our craft or just how nice it was to hear Don talk about it again, but I was moved.
    I can tell that you and I share the same soul and heart as Don for what we do. We come from the same place, and your podcast moved me.

    Your need to share your knowledge inspired me to start a small traditional animation project among some of us at work (Carbine Studios). There are a couple of us
    Traditional guys here and others expressed interest in learning what we do/did. I’m excited again and my heart is happier since your podcast man. That’s for reals, no shit.

    You have a great podcast and I’ll be downloading more this weekend!
    All the best to you man, and most of all…. Thank you!

    Jeff Merghart



    • Jeff,
      Thanks for the kind words and way to go man! You and your buddies are doing a great thing! I love your artwork. You are really good. The Glen and Andy Serkis pic made me LMAO.

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