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Dec 242012

Merry Christmas Minions.

If you are offended by my use of the word Christmas, what the hell are you doing here? Seriously. Beat it.  This podcast and blog is for my fellow artists who don’t think small and waste their lives shitting their britches over little things like labels. What difference does it make what greeting I give? As a devout Scientologist Sun Worshiper I happen to celebrate Christmas and if I want to wish you well on this day which is sort of important to me and you don’t care for,  just accept the fact that I’m wishing you well and get on with your day. No need to get stupid. Here at man vs. art there’s two things we can’t abide. First is intolerance of other people’s race or beliefs. The other is those no good stinking albino weirdos in the Snake Cult. Creepy pink eyed freaks and did I mention that they stink? They do.


Anyway….From the frozen lands of the north comes one cool  animator.

A self inflicted caricature by Andrew Sharp.

Canadian 2D Traditional Animator  Andrew Sharp

On today’s show I talk to Andrew Sharp a very talented Animator from the Great White North! That’s right, CANADIA! It seems Canada is a fertile spawning ground for Great Animators. Tons of incredible animators come here to the US every day and take jobs from lazier and less talented American Animators and frankly I think it’s awesome. Anything that forces Americans to step up their game is a good thing! I was trained at Disney by two legendary Animators Darlee Brewster and Mike Surrey before  I ended up working directly with Glen Keane. Who BTW is NOT Canadian. He’s a Born Again Christian. But he animates as though he’s part Canadian.

Andrew and I had a great talk about 2D animation techniques,studio set ups, Production pipelines and most importantly fart jokes.

Here in his own words is a little bio on Andrew. Be sure to stick around to the end of the podcast. I produced a coup[le of bits you guys might like.


Short Auto-Bio by Andrew Sharp.

I grew up on a little farm up in Whitehorse,Yukon Territory, Canada.If I ever mentioned I was bored around my parents, I was put to work cleaning chicken coops, building fences or picking up horse poop, so I never admitted to being bored, but would spend hours drawing instead. In high school I messed around with animation and claymation in art class, but I was sidelined into sports and ended up getting a scholarship to wrestle at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC. So this farm boy moved to the big city. I went to school for a year of wrestling and physical education, then the next year I quit which  pissed my parents off something fierce.

I drifted back into Animation, like a junkie needle in hand.  I had always thought that seeing my drawings move was pretty cool.  I went to Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario, and learned traditional animation like a good Canadian. I had a lot of great friends and teachers there. There were many late nights at the drawing tables hanging out with friends until campus security would kick us out.

From there I moved on to doing layout drawings in a studio in Montreal.  It was a blast – there were lots of cool people working at the studio, and I learned a lot from them as well. I have made a few animated shorts on my own, animated 2 Dene legends with a local director, worked on a film called “How Raven Got Fire” which was a National Film Board of Canada film, and animated three television ads for a smoker’s helpline.

I also go to the schools in the Yukon and teach kids animation. I was also very lucky to join Don Bluth’s web site it was great every week he would run a live seminar about animation. He would draw over our drawings and give animation demos. That is when my drawings improved a lot as he was such a great and giving teacher. Sadly the seminars ended as Don got more into his live theater and helped inspire a whole new group of students. There is hope the site will return. I made a lot of good friends site and I even talked my carpentry boss into letting me have wed afternoons off so I could join in. When I am not animating I am doing carpentry to pay the bills. Life has its ups and downs but it is pretty rad.I Either swing a hammer or swing a pencil.  I live with my lovely wife and our two kids in a tiny house, which is constantly full of paper due to my non-stop doodling – something at least one of my kids has picked up as a habit (my wife wrote this bit in).
Andrew Sharp
Andrew with his wife and kids. The Fortress of Solitude gets crowded sometimes it seems!

Andrew Sharp, talented Artist, traditional Animator, Loving Husband, cool Dad, Cartoon Geek!

 Andrew Sharp Animation Demo Reel


Andrew Sharp storyboard blog for  Sherm Cohen’s awesome storyboarding class.


Animation Inspiration time!


Happy Holidays! See you all next year!

1983 – Mickey’s Christmas Carol by theperminator


How the Grinch Stole Christmas 1966 by theperminator

>P.s. some Cheech and Chong Holiday antics is just what the doctor ordered. Roll ’em if you got ’em and enjoy!



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