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Jan 302013

 The Animation Color Diva is in!



On today’s show I’m joined by my friend and colleague the phenomenally talented Carol Wyatt.  In the span of her 29 year career in animation Carol  has contributed greatly to countless productions with her expertise in color and design.  She can draw, paint, supervise, develop, design, art direct, and juggle chainsaws. In addition to being  a devoted wife and despite not being Latina, she is the mother of 5 awesome kids.

Production Background By Carol Wyatt for Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends

Production Background By Carol Wyatt for Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends


By now you are probably asking, “How does she do it? How has this talented woman managed to succeed in the male dominated world of animation, raise 5 kids and a Husband, and not lose her mind in the process? Completely lose her mind that is. She’s lost some of it. All animation artists do after year 15. It’s called Animentia.

Tune in and find out!

Carol Wyatt BG cleanup days on the Simpsons at Clasky Csupo studios

 The Animation Experience

Carol Wyatt started her animation career  in 1987.  I asked Carol if she had any “crazy stories” from her early years in the business . As far as stories go, she said the best/craziest are from  her time at Klasky/Csupo Studios  on the Simpsons. I mean every  studio had it’s own craziness that makes it unique. But Carol insists that she  learned and accomplished the most in the four years she was at Klasky. She got to work with top directors  David Silverman, Wes Archer, Rich Moore, and Brad Bird, during the early parts of their careers. They taught her  everything they knew and blew her  away with their Animation Ninjitsu every day.

Producrion Background Color Key for the Simpsons

Production Background Color Key by Carol Wyatt for the Simpsons

Rich Moore  brought Carol on to work on a project at Ralph  Bakshi’s Studio  and introduced her  to more amazing people where they all worked together on various projects. He was best buddies with the Kroyers and Carol ended up working with them for a while. At Kroyer she and her neighbor  Ralph Eggleston  joked around all day while painting and doodling fun stuff.

David Silverman  did these drawings of Carol on one of her layout folders.  David drew her punching out (from L to R) Sherry, Rich, David, and Nancy.  Carol was and is kinda intense.

Ggas by Legend David Silverman

Gags by Animatiopn Legend David Silverman


Carol has made many friends along the way as she went  from studio to studio and production to production. She spent some time  at DIC  before  she and many others left for Klasky Csupo Studios to work on some new unheard of show. The Simpsons. At Klasky Csupo, Gabor of the head honchos  entrusted Carol to design for most of projects that came through.

After finishing up at Klasky Csupo, Carol went on to work with Donovan Cooke at Hanna Barbera  and Craig McCracken when HB became Cartoon Network.  Carol has done commercials  and music videos, where she learned every step of production and how to work FAST! She took pretty much any animation  job that was offered and as a result had to learn many many skills very very quickly.
When she started having kids, things slowed waaayyy down.  She took a  “Mommy sabbatical” . When she returned to work it was tough. Carol was no longer willing to work 100 hours a week and as a result was passed up by 20 year-olds. It was difficult for her, being treated like a newbie and all. Then to add insult to injury she was  paid less than she was making years before.!

Check out  an interview with Carol from MacWEEK.



Here is a magazine article printed in a 3D magazine that came with 3D glasses! Ah, the 80’s! The birth of the comics and magazine gimmicks!


Here are some killer samples of the kind of work Carol is known for.

Collection of  BG COLOR DESIGNS for CN series Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.




Collection of  BG COLOR DESIGNS for Ricky Gervais Show

This is one of my favorite shows of all time. It is written, drawn , colored, edited, and directed perfectly. Carl Pilkington RULES!


You want to see more of Carol’s beautiful art? Check out her Flickr page for TONS OF COLORFUL AWESOMENESS!

I hope you guys enjoy listening to Carol as much as I did.






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