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Feb 262013

Ralph Bakshi needs our help

to help traditional 2D hand drawn animation.

His Holiness the Pope of Animation.

His Holiness the Pope of Animation.

Time is short! Get over to Ralph’s Kickstarter page and help him produce ” The Last Days Of Coney Island”  2D Traditional Hand Drawn Animated short!

Ralph Bakshi Anima6ion Legend

Ralph Bakshi Animation Legend

Ralph talks about the project the young crew he is putting together, and reveals that if ” The Last Days Of Coney Island”  is funded, he ll make Wizards 2 and would like to hire Disney Legends Glen Keane my old mentor, and Andreas Deja to contribute their pencils! Hey, I’ve seen crazier stuff happen in the animation business.

click the pic for Ralph Bakshi's kickstarter.

click the pic for Ralph Bakshi’s kickstarter.


In this  Man vs. Art Exclusive.

Ralph names names.

You won’t find this anywhere else Minions.


Ralph responds to the decades of dogging and harsh criticism the media, the animation studios and community have heaped upon him.  He may do it with few words  but fuck, they sure are effective!

Ralph also gets some heavy stuff off his chest. He is thankful for every fan and young animator out there who has  helped  on  Kickstarter.


Then things get REAL. Ralph  shares his bitter disappointment with artists who he  gave their first break to . Those rookies that Ralph brought in are now Studio Execs, Directors at just about every major studio. You can tell Ralph is really hurt and it weighs heavily on him that these people haven’t even given hime the time of day. Not a peep.

It’s an EPIC  show! You guys have no idea what I had to go through to make this happen.  Enjoy!


Tut Tut. Hold it a sec.

Before you enjoy the show, go give Ralph a few bucks to make his wacky and cool cartoon!



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