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Jul 172013

Bullshit Artists!

Poet Christopher Luke Trevilla and your truly. We took our handsome pills that day!

Hey Minions!

My guest today is Christopher Luke Trevilla the Poet! Today marks his second appearance on the show.

CLT and I go deep into the artist’s rabbit hole as we  ponder the artist’s compulsion to coalesce the vapors of human existence into a viable and meaningful comprehension.

Tune in to the show to hear Chris and his philosophy on, well, just about everything!

This is a good one!




Running on Empty.

I’m so sorry that I have been lagging on the podcasts. I’ve been really busy and I refuse to hack out the show. I f I can’t put the same  level of care that you have all come to expect from me I won’t do  the show. There’s nothing worse. than listening to a podcast with crappy production value.

Something had to give because…..well,   Let’s just say the last couple of months have been INSANE!

Get a load of this.
My Storyboard Supervising/Animatics Director gig on season 2 of Lalaoopsy has been intense! We are jamming on season 2 I am proud to say!
Shout out to Kris Heller my assistant as well as our intern Kristen Bell! Ladies you are kicking ass!

Then I had to prep for The San Diego Comic Con.

I managed to do it with out letting it affect my work.  Plus I was dealing with more stuff as you shall soon read.

I have Eight! Count them Eight, Animated Television Episodes in various stages of production that I have to keep an eye on!

So what happens,  the worst thing possible.


“Didn’t you back it up Raul?” you may be asking.

Uhhh, I thought I was.

I had programmed my external HD to  to automatically back up my work.

I lost everything I did in 2013.

I guess I didn’t do it right.
Homer Simpson pretty much captured how I feel about my loss in this video.

The layered PSD’s of my paintings I did for this year’s San Diego Comic Con  were lost.

So I took the drive in to be rescued and my buddy Ed at Over Night PC Repair   where he  tried for 4 days to recover my data.


Ed Kubalinkas  Overnight Pc Repair Woodland Hills Ca

Ed Kubalinkas
Overnight Pc Repair Woodland Hills Ca

Ed managed to pull 80% of it. Tragically  the newest stuff wouldn’t come up,  I was in shock. It’s difficult to describe it was like panic, rage, and denial all at the same time. I was overwhelmed emotionally by this big time.
7 months of writing, drawings, paintings, sketches, jokes, comics, character designs and a short I was developing are gone.
I had no choice but to buy a new PC, . I’ve spent the last 2 weeks sleepless trying to get all of my stuff back and
I lost all of my personal art for 2013. I’m still trying to come to terms with that.

Then if shit wasn’t bad enough,

Then my web-host starts fouling up and Man vs. Art was offline for almost a week! I’ve now switched to LibSyn.com for my hosting needs. They seem to specialize in Podcasts, because believe it or not regular web hosts can’t deal the bandwith suckage that comes from hosting audio and video files. Apparently we hit that number of downloads thanks the almost 10,000 of you loyal minions out there getting your Man vs. Art fix with every episode! Next time I say we break to web servers!

This was all happening at the same time!

But I managed to salvage  PNG Files  of my mic Con Prints.
Check them out. They should be up in the Man vs. Art store withing a couple of  weeks.

The Starry Dark Knight

The Starry Dark Knight

Skeleton and his chick

The Scream with the Joker

The Scream with the Joker

The way I think Game of Thrones should end. Tyrion Lannister on the throne with Joffrey DEAD!

The way I think Game of Thrones should end. Tyrion Lannister on the throne with Joffrey DEAD!

I also put together a special Comic Con edition of Citizen Sanchez!

Citizen Sanchez Mini

Citizen Sanchez Mini

I have a Mexican working for me.

Straight outta Mexico City DF, Graphic Designer and Loyal Minion  Oliver Montor  ha s jumped on board the Man vs. Art team and has taken over the new redesign of the man vs. art Blog and Podcast. Oliver has been a long time Minion and become a good friend over our long Skype sessions. He’s going to revamp the website and I’m stoke
During all of this I still had  to PREPARE FOR THE 2013 SAN DIEGO COMIC CON!




In fact The Lovely and Vivacious Hortencia and I are heading out to San Diego in a couple of hours with my truck full of Man vs. Art Swag for sale!

She’s been an angel helping me put all the gear together.

Lovely and Vivacious Art from Muy Nice Studios!

My wife’s Ceramic art is coming along so well! Check out some of the beautiful decorative ceramics my woman creates!  She’ll have a few of the bracelets at our table in the Small Press section of the Con
20$ per print.
2 for $30
3 for $45
4 for $50
I had new buttons made!
Man vs. Art Series 3!
Free  if you drop by in person and get on the mailing list.
I have the new  Man vs. Art T-shirt series 2!

Online $25.00
In person $20.00

I hope to see you guys out there. Look for me in the Small Press Area table K13 vs. Art is Sharing a table with Michael Aushenker from Cartoon Flophouse.




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