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Mar 162015

Lots to talk about on today’s show so let’s get to it.

But first my thoughts on JJ’s decision to amp up the Lightsaber.





First things first. Dear JJ....


Episode 97


  • 2:30  The New Star Wars and Batman movies. Why I love hating them!
  • 12.:15 JJ Abrams doesn’t get much of anything. EXCEPT free reign to ruin everything that was ever awesome. Mystery box my ass.
  • 15:10 Star Wars Ep VII The Force Awakens trailer. Uh, where are the fucking STARS?
  • 17:13  Superman Vs. Batman Dong of Justice. Affleck as Batman? I actually like that!  Better than that overrated  douche Bale.
  • 20:00 The Truth about your “Ruined Childhoods”. You know what? Fuck your childhood. Seriously.  Why  things can never be as awesome as they were when you were a kid.
  • 22:45 The Cartoon Curmudgeon rants about the internet and cartooning. Let’s rethink it a little. Hear me out.
  • 42:23 Join the Man vs Art Squadron on War Thunder!
  • 43:40 Definition of Artist, Theirs and mine.
  • 48:20 Spider-Man joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Geeks worldwide simultaneously oozed web fluid. Was it premature?
  • 01:05:20  Man vs. Art’s honest take on the Charlie Hebdo tragedy. Lot’s of “ists”. Cartoonists, Terrorists, Racists,  Satirists,  and assholeists. Why Freedom of Speech had NOTHING to do with this and why all of those pretentious cartoons were sickening.
  • 01:14:10 Super Hero Movies and the staggering load of Click-able Content, add revenue, and traffic that is created by us  for those poor media corporations.  Won’t you please help?!!


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