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Jul 232013

Enjoy my recap of the 2013 San Diergo Comic Con!

I had a great time despite a few difficulties in my first experience as an exhibitor at the San Diego Comic Con!


Old Friend Victor Liao

Mike Aushenker Raul Aguirre

Mike Aushenker Raul Aguirre


Steve Seivers wife and kid and FOB pose Raul


Scott Marcano. Cool guy great artist!


Starry Dark Knight by Raul Aguirre Jr.




Whether you’re an exhibitor, pro, or fanboy, the comic con kicks the living shit out of you.

Everything and I mean everything is an effing ordeal. I’m stayed 4 miles  from the convention center, 4 MILES! and yet I can’t drive to the event. There’s no parking.
If I wanted to drive from my hotel to the Con I’d have to park farther away than the hotel and hoof it.

Then there’s the disturbing lack of comics. I walked around for 20 minutes before I saw a vendor selling comic books.

Has the Comic Con jumped the shark? Should it even be called “Comic” Con? In this episode one old geek comes to terms with the fact that the comic con has become something else. It has mutated. No, Evolved. No, The comic Con has adapted.  Can this old geezer geek accept the change?



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