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Sep 062009

Hello everybody!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, and I’d like to share the highlights with you all.

Inside Studio Raul

Inside Studio Raul

I was recently interviewed by Ben McCain and Richard  Mcmanus for a feature on Time Warner Cable’s channel 101 CNN.  They came over spent the afternoon in my studio and asked me all sorts of great questions.  They also took time to talk to my wife and my biggest fans the Salgado Brothers!  The  21st century’s answer to the “Sweathogs”  I’ve never had that many people in my studio and let me tell you it was quite fun and exciting to say the least.  I was a little nervous but Ben is really intuitive and right away  put me at ease with some rely insightful questions  about my work.

Here is the video Richard edited and put on youtube in case you don’t catch it on Time Warner CAble.

Inside Studio Raul

Also  I screened some of my animation in  The Edge Of L.A. Comic-Con Animation Fest at the Claremont Packing house 532 W. 1st street Claremeont CA 91711. My friend and fellow artist Jim Lujan put it together with Chris Peterson who runs the Packing House. They did a great job.

Jim Lujan and Graciala Rodriguez listen as Raul Aguirre Jr. extols the virtues of the lap band.

Jim Lujan and Graciala Rodriguez listen as Raul Aguirre Jr. extols the virtues of the lap band.

We had a full house of people hungry to see new animation and boy did they get it!


This little girl was brutally honest.

Hortencia and Raul Aguirre at the Edge of LA animation Festival

Hortencia and Raul Aguirre at the Edge of LA animation Festival

Jim is a great and SUPER talented guy who cranks out cartoons faster than a Korean Sweatshop!  His cartoons a brilliantly crude and really take on life.  Looking at Jim Lujan’s cartoons is like looking at the world through a cracked lens.  They speak volumes about the insecurity and weakness we all have.  How we give such importance to ourselves that we are blind to real world around us.  Delusion yes that’s what it is.  Disney Animation has been known as “The Illusion of Life.”  Well Jim Lujan Animation is “The Delusion of Life.”  sometimes dark, but always funny. Jim has caricatured Life in Los Angeles by exagerrating things others miss! This is unique solid cliche free stuff people and I highly recommend you check Jim’s youtube channel out and prepare to laugh your ass off!

Prolific animator Jim Lujan and catatonic animator Raul Aguirre Jr.

Prolific animator Jim Lujan and catatonic animator Raul Aguirre Jr.

Graciela Rodriguez a fellow Cartoonista and friend showed some incredibly clever and hilarious cartoons! She has a very unique style and her pacing was spot on!  Crazy Granny she don’t like nothing is FRIGGIN’ funny!  You can see some of her animation here.  and here is her official website.


Russ and Claudia  our friends from La Habra that we had to go to Europe to meet showed up!

Russ and Claudia

Russ and Claudia

My little sis Lily and her man Joe Stoughton  crashed the party and enjoyed the show! It was such a good time! Thanks everybody for being so cool and supportive.

Raul, sister Lily and herman Mighty Joe Stoughton!

Raul, sister Lily and herman Mighty Joe Stoughton!

But most of all I want to thank my wonderful wife Hortencia who gets me the hook-ups.    I’m very fortunate to have such a beautiful and supportive wife who is willing to do the bulk of the leg work and networking that is necessary for me to display my work. I don’t even worry when Hortencia is on the case. Besides being beautiful, she’s smart , creative, and gets things done.  Thanks to her help I get to maximize my time creating! Did I mention how beautiful she is?

My Lady

Today I wanted to talk about how artists should handle  interruptions and other annoyances when  working.  Internet, cell phones, TV,  the crappy death metal band next door, Jehovah ‘s witnesses,   and jealous talking T-shirts  are all things that can throw you off when you are trying to create your latest masterpiece. The distractions are everywhere and its a wonder we ever get anything done.   I happen to be a pretty mellow and zen guy who takes stuff in stride when things go cuckoo. (Yeah Right!)

Check out the situation  I just went through.

While I was recording the podcast for this episode my assistant the talking Che Guevara T- shirt  snapped.

He has been acting really weird lately. Weirder than usual.  I think  the cheese finally fell off of his cracker.

Enjoy the drama!

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