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Jul 282009


I’m so glad you are here. “Where is here?” you ask. Why, here is Man Vs. Art the snazziest art blog on the block and home of the ARTGASM®*!

My name is Raul Aguirre Jr.

Self portrait

Self serving self portrait

In fifteen years as a professional Artist doing Animation, Illustration, private commissions, and my own personal art, I have accumulated a fair amount of art knowledge.  Now I want to give a little back.

I have been documenting my projects for some time and starting this week I’ll be putting them online. Along the way I’ll be giving you some insights and feedback about my process and my opinion about Art. I may even pass you a tip or two and tell you a story. We’ll talk painting, drawing, sketching, technique, supplies, subjects, theory and anything else art related.

Why Man vs. Art? Well, I named it that because I have always had to fight hard to make a living as an artist. Nothing has come easy. By the looks of things I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. But that’s cool.  I like a challenge.  If success had come easily I surely would have taken it for granted and succumbed to complacency like so many of my contemporaries. I refuse to follow trends and trying to fit in is definitely not on my agenda. I just want to make art that satisfies me and if I can help other artists along the way, all the better.

That being said, you amigo, are cordially invited to ride shotgun on my journey down the bumpy road towards artistic fulfillment. When certain things come up, I’ll have tips about handling them. I’ll also be posting some tutorials about things every artist should know. Like “The proper way to hold a pencil so that you can get it to do, what you want it to do.”

I will be posting regularly and as an added bonus each post will include its own audio podcast!

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you come back often!


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