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Jul 222010

Minions! Last time I showed you guys how I draw a pretty pin up girl. This time I’m going the opposite direction and showing you how to draw a big  ugly Incredible Hulk!  Most of the principles are the same, just the proportions of the anatomy are a wee bit different. Well, more than a wee bit. More like a tad!

Now I’m not saying this is the right way, or the only way to sketch the Hulk. This is just my way. The Man vs. Art way.  I am using a Wacom Graphire 3 Tablet and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

Again just like the last Demo, this is by no means  a finished piece.  Just a quick sketch with only the pencil tool and eraser tool. No fancy tools or filters or whatever. Just plain good old fashioned drawing and my thought process behind it. Enjoy!

Quick Wacom tablet Sketch of  Hulk. 


I came a cross this old 18 PAGE Disney Studios Employee Handbook from 1938! It’s a brief outline of the Studio’s principal departments and an explanation to artists of its employment policies! The drawings are all  production drawings!


Get a load of the beautiful pencil sketches!  Look at the appeal and solid draftsmanship! The characters look alive and fun to draw don’t they!

I love this Mickey model! Right before they changed the proportions and eyes to look more “human”. To me this was the pinnacle of Mickey’s awesomeness!

Awesome with Awesome sauce!

This Goofy blows me away!  Everything in each drawing says dork! Look at how the hat follows the line of action!

The ultimate Goofy!

This is some very nice cartooning kids!  Inside the PDF of the booklet you’ll find mostly Snow White stuff and few pieces from their shorts and Silly Symphonies!  This is a great little collection of animation drawings from the Golden Age of Disney Animation!  I suggest you guys practice drawing these pics, and learn from them!

The last page is a flowchart that shows the pecking order at the studio and just how important Walt was to everyday operations! This is unreal!

If you’re hungry for more cartoon knowledge…..

Check out the right hand column under the blue Che’s Recommended  Books button for the official Man vs. Art must have book list! If you don’t have these books, you NEED to get them.



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  2 Responses to “Man vs. Art Demo #4 How to draw The Incredible Hulk.”

  1. Cool demo! Your Hulk has a very Sal Buscema look to him, too. One of the best Hulk artists, I’d say. You remind me of the Hulk…except you never turn back to puny Banner!!

    And I gotta agree, I prefer Mickey Mouse drawn with the two black dots for eyes. The other one with the ‘human eyes’ turned into a complete shill for the company!


    • I guess I was in a Sal Buscema mood today! LOL Really what about me reminds you of the Hulk? My unmatched strength? Invulnerability? Size? Perhaps the larger than life persona and fiery passion that much like a force of nature can’t be tamed. Or is the way Hulk plays only by Hulk’s rules? Perhaps it’s my torn purple pants?

      Thanks JAV! Lemme think which super hero reminds me of you………hmmmm

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