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Jan 262010

Who's this Jim Lujan character? Security!!!

The Animation GetDown at Geeks Comics in Whittier California was a total blast We had a full house and the cartoons were awesome! I’d like to thank the following people for helping make the 2010 Geeks Animation Getdown making the Animation Get Down a success, Jim Lujan, Gracialla Rodriguez,  Steve Sievers, Dahveed, Scott Essman, Kevin Cross,   Nuvein Foundation for Literature and the Arts
Enrique Diaz and Renato Aguirre. Who I believe has the coolest last name I’ve ever Heard.  I’m Just sayin’.

Sal Felix the owner of Geeks Comics.

Sal Felix the the owner of GEEKS Comics provided us with the wonderful venue and refreshments! Geeks Comics the best place to scratch your comic book itch! 6747 Greenleaf Ave. Suite A ,Whittier, CA 90601. 562 – 696 – 9393

My lovely Wife Hortencia completes me.

My wife the lovely and vivacious Hortencia Aguirre for providing candy grab bags for the audience and her expert photography service!

Thanks to my Brother Ricardo for showing up!  Is it just me or do we look like….

This means something.

I’d also like to thank everyone who attended the show.

What a great time!

What should mindset as an artist be?

I say you need to be  enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated. Most importantly you must have the love. If you don’t love drawing, I mean really LOVE IT!  You won’t last.  Sorry. Look, creating art is hard.  You must love your art enough to  get through the tough times.

In the art world you’ll encounter mainly 2 types of negative people. Douche Nozzles and Dumb Asses.   How do you spot who is  a  “Douche Nozzle” and who is the “Dumb Ass”  depends on who you ask. One person’s “Douche Nozzle” might be another person’s “Dumb Ass”.

It sometimes happens that when a person disagrees with us,  we want to label them either an uppity “Douche Nozzle” or a Lowly “Dumb Ass”. They are too stupid to see things “our way”. Or, they are too stubborn and “uptight” because they refuse to appreciate something we admire. But are these people really a Douche Nozzle or a Dumb Ass?

Everyone entitled to an opinion.

It’s how you express it.  Be polite and gracious that’s all.

How to hold your pencil when you draw.

Kimon Nicolaïdes

Some useful pencil wrangling tips!

2 Books  that are Man vs. Art required reading.

1. The Natural Way to Draw by Kimon Nicolaïdes


This is a must for anyone serious on learning how to learn to draw.  Get it? This book teaches you how to approach your study of drawing. This book is a solid beginning and only for for the dedicated. NO POSERS! Do the  exercises, the best you can but more importantly draw. Draw everyday. Some will complain, “Awe man it will take me years to do this!” What do you plan on retiring your pencil the day you learn how to draw? It doesn’t take years, it takes a lifetime of hard work to learn how to learn to draw.
Chuck Jones followed it, as well as Shamus Culhane who wrote the next book.

2.  Animation from script to screen by Shamus Culhane

No. B.S. approach to making cartoons!

During my internship at Walt Disney Feature Animation in 1994 my first Animation Mentor Dave Zaboski recommended this book by Shamus Culhane, and it was a blast!  Shamus animated the famous  Pluto and the Flypaper sequence  and  “Honest John” Foulfellow the fox and Gideon the dopey cat on Pinnochio.  He worked at Warners and UPA and is considered a master. He makes it possible to learn animation from a book. Covering every aspect of film animation, from basic mechanics to giving creativity full play, and including writing, recording, acting, dialogue-even how to mange an animation studio of one’s own, Culhane fulfills the promise of his title-“from script to screen. This book contains more than 130 illustrations, graphic exercises,  and  sketches for an honest  hands-on experience for the novice.

Man vs. Art animated promotional video.

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  2. Dude, you hold your pencil WEIRD. But you forgot my two favorite holds:

    The Toe Jam hold and the Butt Cheek Grip.

    They come in handy after temporarily losing the use of your hands in fluke ice cream eating accidents.

    Oh, and…my wife WAS the Prom Queen.

    • Bro’ these are proper ways to hold a pencil Weird, yeah. But time tested and effective. You need to illustrate your favorite grips! Thanks! In response to your Prom Queen comment, Congrats on being a winner!

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