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May 102010

But First….A little business.

Free swag!

Citizen Sanchez Mini Comic and Official Man Vs. Art Minion Pin!

Attention all Minions!  ManvsArt.com announces the first officially licensed swag!  That’s right, you get one copy of Raul Aguirre Jr’s first mini comic book “Citizen Sanchez!” An eight page trip into the origin of the Citizen Sanchez Saga! You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll demand your money back even though it was free!  Each book comes signed,numbered, and sealed in a mini bag and board that my wife, the Lovely and Vivacious Hortencia Aguirre put together!

As an added bonus each book comes with an official ManvsArt.com Minion Pin!  Be the envy of your friends by publicly declaring  you are a fearless Man vs. Art Minion and damned proud of it!  All you need to do is subscribe to the Man vs. Art podcast through I-tunes,  email, or any of the other options in the right hand column AND then send Che and me an email containing your mailing address to [email protected]

Please write SWAG in the subject line.  If you can, please  throw out a review on Itunes for us.  Karma folks!

You guys have really been a wonderful group of listeners and readers that I felt it was time to hook you guys up with something sweet.  Supplies are limited, so act now kiddos!

What have you got to lose? Besides, it’s free!

Man vs. Art gets busy!

I recently appeared on the Art&Story podcast in a round table discussion with Jerzy Drozd, Mark Rudolph and Kevin Cross.  These dudes are Comic Fu masters as well as funny as hell.  It was a great show! We talked about writing in the thumbnail stage for comics and storyboarding. Give it a listen you’ll find it MEATY!

Also Jim Lujan and Kevin Cross have invited me to become a co-host on the Ghettomation podcast! The podcast for DIY animators by DIY animators! Wanna hear 3 animators talk about the orgasmic heaven and infernal hell that making animation is? Check out Ghettomation kiddos! In this latest episode we talk about music and the importance it plays in animated cartoons!

You guys have to check out Jim Lujan’s latest film.

New Wave Dentist.

And now the episode 21 podcast notes!

The three types of art.

In a nutshell all art can be placed into three distinct categories.

  • Bad Art

    will prompt zero emotional response in the viewer. Like a song you hear in an elevator that goes in one ear and out the other, a picture on a wall that stimulates you the same way as if the wall had been blank, a movie on a plane you force yourself to watch just to kill time. Usually starring Rob Schneider incidentally.

    It’s going to be a long flight.

  • Good Art

Art that produces an emotion that you have felt before; a painting of a lake that reminds you of fishing with your grandpa, a love song that takes you back to the first time you saw your babe.

  • Great Art

Art that produces an emotion that you have NEVER felt before. Take for example  Michelangelo’s La Pieta. His depiction of the Virgin Mary cradling the body of her son is so powerful and heart wrenching.  You can really feel the pain and sadness that a parent feels at the loss of a child.

La Pieta by Michelangelo. Agony in marble.

Passion Ration

As many of you know, I am very passionate about art. In fact it gets pointed out to me quite often.  I guess a majority of it stems from my refusal to completely grow up. I may be a big burly manly man.  To which  my friend Javier Hernandez adds Bombastic. I don’t know whether to punch him or hug him for that one.  Which come to think of it, that is probably what he means! But I still have a deep connection to the little punk inside of me that marvels at all things art related that are RAD, and BAD ASS.  Most cartoonists I think have this similar affliction to a certain degree, I mean look at how 99.9% of us have toys and action figures on our desks.

Nothing says “Hey ladies come and get it!” like a good set of desk toys!

Man vs. Art almost becomes Man vs. Ice Tomb!

Here is a series of pics from my trip to Europe in 2005.  I just barely avoided falling through the ice atop a glacier on Mt. Titlis in Switzerland.  Truly a near death experience.  I managed to bang up my leg and I suffered a severe nut crunch as a result. Luckily one of my fellow travelers, a kind Australian Gentleman happened to be a Surgeon. He examined me and made sure I hadn’t done any real damage to my boys.

As payment for the  emergency medical exam he wanted one of my watercolors I had painted of the Greek Isle of Hydros a few days before.

The Man vs. Art Pantheon of Awesomeness welcomes it’s newest inductee…..William Shatner!

Have you studied for your Kobayashi Maru?

William Shatner is the epitome of the artist who never says die!  For over four decades this guy has failed as much as he has  succeeded. He has put out as many stinkers as he has brilliant gems!  What’s more William Shatner has even humiliated himself a few times. But he always bounces back and we still love him!

What makes Shatner awesome is this.  Despite the  failures he has never given up.  Ever since I can remember Shatner has been working!

  • bit parts on the Twilight Zone
  • commanding the Enterprise in the OG Star Trek series,
  • his brilliant musical career. Mr Tambourine man anyone? How about  Lucy in the sky with diamonds?
  • Rescue 911,
  • the Star Trek Movies,
  • Tek World,
  • Spy Hard
  • Over a decade as the priceline.com shill,
  • Comedy Central’s Celebrity Roast
  • History channel specials
  • Critically acclaimed performances on The practice, Boston legal,
  • His own talk show for crying out loud!

Some folks like me, admire him, other folks hate him.  You can’t argue with the fact that yes William Shatner is a joke.  But you know what?  I think he is laughing the hardest.  All the way to the friggin’ bank.

William Shatner I welcome you to the Man Vs. Art Pantheon of Awesomeness!

For you are Awesome in every sense of the word.  Or as my friend Luis Escobar puts it, “You are Awesome with Awesome sauce!”

Full of  Shatner!

A musical tribute to William Shatner by who else? William Shatner!

Rocketman! Here William Shatner is the first person  to not just sing a song nor act a song but to overact a song!  If that’s at all possible!

William Shatner and Ricardo Montalban?!  Holy crap! That’s like adding chili and cheese to fries!

Phew! That’ll suffice for now!



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  1. Thanks for the uplifting podcast.

    Remembering buying the candy, comics & slurpee as kid was a great jog down memory lane.

    Sad they don’t even sell comics at my local 7-11 or supermarket any more.

    • Thank you very much! It’s amazing how we all share the exact same memories. Good times. Trade you a Hulk for your Superman!

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