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Mar 072010

Salabration Time!

Recently my friends the Cartoonistas and myself celebrated the birthday of our good friend Sal Felix the owner of Geeks comics in Whittier California.  It was good times all around!  Literally a cartoon Carnival!

The lovely and vivacious Hortencia, the Man vs. Art, and Sal Felix

The usual Gang of Locos! Los Cartoonistas

A group of escaped cartoon loving lunatics that run around drawing funny pictures!

Back row from L to R John Narcomey, Geo Brawn IV, Javier Hernandez, Luis Escobar. Middle row Man vs. Art Raul Aguirre Jr., Grasiella Rodriguez, Rene, Jose Cabrerra Front Row Michael Aushenker, Jim Lujan

We all busted out self portraits on a big poster board and presented it to Sal!  Part gift, part vain self promotion!  Yipee!

Another Cartoonista shameless promotion!

Here we have a bevy of beauties known as the Cartoonista Groupies!

Pretty ladies to inspire the cartoon madness we put out!

Man Vs. Art busts out an Epic birthday present!

I  unveiled a painting that I made as a gift for Sal.  I really appreciate his generosity towards the Usual Gang of Locos!

The artist unveils his creation!

Sal Felix, The man, the myth!

Sal Felix by Raul Aguirre Jr.

Life imitates art and art imitates life!

This scene from the classic movie Airplane! with Lloyd Bridges inspired this piece.

Looks Like I picked a bad week to quit smokin’!

My version of the gag!

Looks like I picked a bad week to quit reading comics!

Sal takes the Cake!

Cake makes everyone happy!

Moving right along…..

Some tips when sketching in public.

When you are drawing people in public, it’s a good idea to be discreet.  You never know how some folks might react.  Especially the ladies and vain guys.  You know “Metro” guys.   Try to be tactful also.  Save the mean drawings to do at home. And for the love of god, if you are going to let people flip through your sketchbook make sure there isn’t anything in there you don’t wouldn’t show to your mother!

I recently attended a wedding where this lady fell victim to my pen.

A lovely young lady I recently sketched.

Steve Sievers and Dahveed!  the creators of  SUPA PIRATE BOOTY HUNT!

Steve Sievers (l)  Dahveed (r)

Some great design work folks! Supa Pirate booty hunt is off da’ chain!  Check out the tattoo some chick got! Now that is what I call FAN DEVOTION!

Supa pirate booty hunt RAWKS!

check out  the animated shenanigands from the warped minds of Steve Sievers and Dahveed creators of Supa pirate Booty Hunt at www.supapiratebootyhunt.com

So keep those pencils sharp and keep those sketchbooks flipping!



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  2 Responses to “Man vs. Art Episode 17! Giving your art as a gift, Tips for Drawing people in public, plus an interview with Steve Sievers and Dahveed the creators of Supa Pirate Booty Hunt!”

  1. Hi Raul!

    I liked the bit about how to draw in public. However, how would you go about it when you’re a slow draftsman with a lousy visual memory? Making a “mental snapshot” while casually glancing at your subject doesn’t seem to work for me. I tried some quick self-portraits in a mirror and I needed to observe at least 10 s to register the features of my own face. If I look any shorter, nothing sticks in my visual memory. That’s probably also why I’m so bad at recognizing faces (even of my close relatives, who seem strangers to me until after a second of two of seeing their faces).

    Any suggestions?

    • You are a prime candidate for more sketchbook time. Hunker down and do lots of quick sketches. Before you know it you”ll be picking up visual info much more rapidly! Good luck and thanks! Check out the Andrew Loomis drawing book I have for download. Lot’s of great info!

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