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Apr 232010

It is my  pleasure to introduce to the Man Vs Art Minions the talented and very funny Sherm Cohen.

Sherm by Sherm


Sherm  is a storyboard artist with 16 years experience on many hit cartoons including The Ren & Stimpy Show, Hey Arnold, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Mighty B, Phineas and Ferb, and “Kick Buttowski, Suburban Daredevil.” In addition to his storyboard work, Sherm has written and directed episodes of Hey Arnold, SpongeBob and Phineas and Ferb, and has written songs for various cartoons including “The FUN Song” for SpongeBob. Sherm is currently working as Director and Storyboard Supervisor on Kick Buttowski, a new series for Disney TV Animation. His latest book, “Cartooning: Character Design” is published by Walter Foster Publications. He also publishes the KICK ASS cartoon blog www.cartoonsnap.com!

a fine example of Sherm's comics work! POW!


Contemporary Storyboarding

During the course of the interview Sherm gave us some insight into what can make or break a storyboard, as well as his thoughts on the digital storyboard process.  Always think story first.  Keep in mind how the sequence you are about to storyboard fits into the big picture.

Here you can find some samples of the digital storyboard software Sherm was talking about.  It’s called Toonboom Storyboard Pro.

check it out!

The program is used in conjunction with a Cintiq by Wacom.  A wonderfully expensive hi tech tablet that allows you to draw on the screen with a stylus.

Ren and Stimpy

best episode….EVER!

Below is the first episode of Ren and Stimpy that both Sherm and I ever saw.  This insane cartoon blew me away and made me a John K. and Ren and Stimpy fan for life. The quality is so so, but I still suggest you check it out!


One of the reasons Sherm refuses to attend the San Diego Comic Con is because he ends up spending too much money at places like Bud Plant.  Who incidentally has the most massive art and cartoon book catalog ever!

Check out the Ditko book!


When asked who his greatest cartoon idol was,  Sherm was all about Harvey Kurtzman, who is without a doubt one of the most influential cartoonists of the 20th century.  In 1952 Kurtzman talked EC comic book publisher Bill Gaines into launching a new comic book title  totally unique in  concept and style from anything that was ever published — Tales Calculated to Drive You Mad! That’s right kids! He was the guy that came up with the idea that is  Mad magazine. The first publication that was dedicated to ripping on pop culture!  Other famous Cartoonists like Art Spiegelman , Bill Griffith  and Robert Crumb credit  early Mad as heavily influencing  their own styles .  In later years  Kurtzman sometimes referred to himself as the “brother-in-law of underground comix”.

Harvey Kurtzman one of the greats!

Roy Crane

Roy Crane is one of the inventors of Adventure strips and was a big influence on Kurtzman as well as Sherm!


Look at this awesome page by Crane!

Here is a link where you can find old comic scan to check out and be inspired!


To open up and read digital comics get yourself

Sherm also mentioned this great book on story you may want to check out.

Directing the story by Frances Glebas.

All Hail Bakshi!

And lastly we talked about the highly inspirational video from the 2008 Comic Con featuring Ralph Bakshi.  In this video Ralph scolds us youngsters for not taking advantage of the technology available to us and for being wimps.  I’ve mentioned this before, but I for one can never get sick of this.  This is like red bull for animators man! Get your Bakshi ON!

  • Tough Times are a Chance to Reinvent the Cartoon biz.
  • Don’t Work for the Big Studios or Corporations, Work For Yourself.
  • The Digital Revolution Allows You To create professional stuff equal if not better to the studios!
  • We must  develop New Markets for our Work
  • Creatively fly When Everyone is Still walking.

Because of his wisdom and overall testicular fortitude, Ralph Bakshi is hereby inducted into the Man vs. Art Pantheon of Awesomeness!

Man Vs. Art Pantheon of Awesomeness.




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  6 Responses to “Man Vs. Art Episode 20. Sherm Cohen from Cartoonsnap.com talks about the Essentials! Storyboards, Comics, and Cartoons.”

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  2. THis is one of my new favorite episodes. Sherm seems like a really good guy. I checked out his stuff at CartoonSnap….MAN! Blown away! It was all going so well…then you guys brought up MY name. Double blown away! So much goodness packed in to an hour.

    Can the human mind even handle this!?



    • Sherm is a cartoon mutant and I have nothing but the utmost respect for him. He is a wonderful addition to the Man vs. Art universe. Also, as we all know you can’t have a Man vs. Art podcast without mentioning Jim Lujan AKA J-Lu! We geeked out on you man!

  3. […] My second* podcast interview is for the wonderfully brooding and always entertaining Raul Aguirre Jr.’s Man Vs. Art. […]

    • Sherm everyone is having a ball with your Man vs. Art appearance! We had a blast doing it and it comes through beautifully! Any time you need to plug something or just wanna chew the animated fat with a fellow cartoon addicionado, Man vs. Art es su casa.

    • One of Man Vs. Arts greatest shows! Viva Sherm!

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