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Aug 012010

Man vs. Art Season 1 Finale!

Hola Minions!

I’m happy to announce that this episode marks the one year anniversary of The Man vs. Art Blog and Podcast!

Here is an awesome portrait of yours truly drawn by Minion Mike Garvey to commemorate the occasion!

It’s funny because it’s true!

This year has been great! Both Che and I have learned quite a bit and have made many new friends!  Man vs. Art’s success has far exceeded my expectations as the number of minions grows bigger  with each new episode!  I honestly never expected there to be  so many  MINIONS out there!  But there you are!  Bless you all!

To show my gratitude, I pulled out all the stops and put together something really EPIC!

After some leg work I was able to gather a whole bunch of short visits with my past guests, friends of the show, and  3 Prime Minions!

In today’s podcast I got to the bottom of what Man vs. Art means to each and every one of my distinguished guests!  The  how and why the podcast has become a favorite in their podcast rotations!

I ended up with  a Giant  Sized two hour Man vs. Art extravaganza consisting  of  99%  new stuff!

The short bus pulled up to The Man vs. Art Studios and out came these 8 guys on a day trip.

I give you the line up of esteemed cartoon characters on today’s “special” show!

1. Jim Lujan

Indy Animator, Comic book Artist, Cartoonist, Painter, Writer, Director

Man vs. Art Sub Commandante Lujan

2. Jose Anibal Gonzalez!

Artist, Cartoonist, Aspiring Animator!

Man vs. Art Prime Minion!

3.  Mike Garvey

Medical Illustrator, Animator, Cartoonist!

Man vs. Art Prime Minion!

4. Justin Stewart

Comic Book Creator and Cartoonist!

Man vs. Art  Prime Minion

5. Kevin Cross

Comic Book Creator, Illustrator, Animator, Cartoonist, and Punker!

Man vs. Art   Sub Commandante Segundo

6. Geo Braun IV

Indy Comic Creator, Illustrator, Cartoonist

Man vs. Art Capitan Primero

Geo just got back from a trip to Israel and he brought back get this, The Ark of the Covenant!

I guess a Mogwai and a beer wasn’t enough for La Cosa Nosferatu!

Geo of the Lost Ark! Nazi Melter Special!

7. Luis Escobar

Storyboard Artist, Comic Creator, Cartoonist

Man vs. Art  Capitan Primero

8. Sherm Cohen

Director, Writer, Storyboard Artist, Cartoonist, Comic Book Artist, Instructor!

Man vs. Art Generalisimo

Sherm’s Online  Storyboard class!

Alright minions! I hope you enjoy the double dose of Man vs. Art love!

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in this ultra special show!

I’d especially like to thank all of you  Minions out there for listening and spreading the word! You’ve made producing the Man vs. Art podcast a very enjoyable part of my life!

Here’s to another great year of comics, cartoon, animation and art shenanigans!

Viva Man vs. Art!


Raul and Che


Lest we  forget!!!

Saturday August 21st

Those of you in the Los Angeles area are totally invited to check out my…..

Free Intro to Animation Lecture At Geeks Comics!

Free Intro To Animation Lecture!

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  10 Responses to “Man vs. Art Episode 27! Giant Double Sized 1 Year Anniversary Special Podcast! Content vs. Form”

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  2. One year already? Wow! It’s been an audio tsunami of laughs, inspiration, art, fist-shaking and badassness! Congrats on Year Uno!

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  4. Happy one year anniversary Man vs Art! Your show is awesome and I hope you keep making many more. Thanks for sharing such great content and advice. ¡Felicidades!

  5. Great Show. I loved the funny interviews!

  6. I’m a hobby artist. I ran across your podcast and initially though it was for other professional artiest. Listed to this podcast and watch a few of the drawing ones and love them!
    I like how you talk about keeping the passion in your art; and not getting bodged down in the technical and materials.
    Inspirational for use hobby artistes. Also now I want to go try King Taco .. to bad it not here in Ohio.
    Keep up the great work.

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