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Aug 152010

There are two Don’s that I give my undying respect to. Both are Godfathers of their respective rackets.

The first is Don Corleone. Godfather of La Cosa Nostra.

Is this really necessary?

The other  is Don Bluth. Godfather of La Cosa Traditional 2D Animation

This Don is going to make you a cartoon you can’t resist!

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with the the great Don Bluth, one of animation’s most respected figures and one of my greatest  inspirations as a kid.  We had a great time and hit it off really well.  Since then, I have been eagerly anticipating the  chance to share the interview with you Minions. Like many of you, I totally realize how extremely valuable of an opportunity it is to speak with my  guest.   We both joked and laughed and  shared with each other our mutual respect and deep passion for Traditional 2D Animation.

Don “Quixote”  Bluth

We owe  Don  Bluth a big thanks for having led the revolution that saved animation from a slow painful death during the seventies.  In 1979 feeling dissatisfied with the direction things were going he boldly left Disney to make his own films with the help of fellow visionaries Gary Goldman and John Pomeroy.  Don’s departure and the resulting competition  got  Disney’s second generation  of Animators to finally get it together and make better films!

Don went on to become a  a highly prolific animation director with a vast body of work that includes some of the greatest animated films of all time like An American Tail, The Land Before Time,   Anastasia and my favorite The Secret of NIMH.

Now After 55 years in the Animation Business, Don has  gone back to teaching 2D traditional Animation! In 2009 he opened www.donbluthanimation.com. An online animation school dedicated to those eager to learn traditional techniques from a master! Don uses tutorials, streaming videos, forums, and live weekly sessions devoted to helping young animators learn the tried and true traditional principles of animation that Don and guys like me were taught at Disney.

Pantheon you say?

Don Bluth is a man of passion, talent, vision, boldness, determination, and most of all GUTS!  His hard work and sacrifice in the face of adversity is most admirable! Here is a man who really loves Animation! For that,  I hereby induct Master Don Bluth into the Man vs. Art Pantheon of Awesomeness! Right Here, Right Now! So shall it be written! So shall it be said!

A man who gets things done!

And so…..

Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and more importantly enlightened about 2D Traditional animation!   It is both and honor and a privilege to be able to introduce you to a role model of note, a man of distinction and passion for the ultimate drawing art form,  Animation Legend  Don Bluth!

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  5 Responses to “Man vs. Art Episode 28! Animation Legend Don Bluth Interview Part 1”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jerzy Drozd, Rob Stenzinger, Rob Stenzinger, Krishna Sadasivam, Sherm Cohen and others. Sherm Cohen said: Listening to awesome Don Bluth interview on Man Vs Art http://bit.ly/ManVsBluth w/ @Raul_Aguirre_Jr […]

  2. Great podcast & interview. I’ve been attending weekly online seminars with Don for several months now, and am also on week 4 of his workshop, & Don is a truly inspiring teacher. I’ve learned so much from him. I’ve always had a passion for animation, & dabbled in some limited stuff & computer based animation but never had the knowledge or confidence to try fully hand drawn traditional animation until a few weeks ago. I started with the knowledge that I had gained from listenning to Don extensively answer my (I’m sure often elementary) questions, & went from there. Now after submitting my “homework” to Don for the last workshop, he commented to me that the test I did was good enough that if I’d have been working at Disney, Fox, or his own studio back in the day, I’d be told to send to clean-up & colour! This is testamount to what an amazing teacher he is. The future of traditional animation lies in no small part with Don teaching many of us amateur enthusiasts the art of doing it properly, the traditional way & one day producing our own independent features. The world should be grateful for the services he’s giving. I thoroughly recommend anyone serious about learning animation to join the site, & attend his master classes & workshops.

  3. Don Bluth is my idol. Great job!

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