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Nov 132010

Attention all Artists and Creators who want to hone their pitching skills!

This podcast is especially for you! Today I talk about how to effectively simplify your pitches and get to the point of your story quickly and effectively.

Don’t waste time developing stuff that isn’t necessary for your pitch.  At  this point the detail is not important.  Nobody cares if your main character has a mullet or a flat top haircut. If your story is flimsy, it doesn’t matter what kind of boots your hero wears.

The essence of your story and how it will illicit emotion in your audience should be your primary concern. Model sheets, turn arounds,  storyboards, even animation are not necessary in a pitch. You need a bare no frills solid story with interesting characters.  That’s it.  People love a good story and as a creator and storyteller it’s your job make your story an emotional experience!

What are you waiting for? Get writing and make that pitch sing!

Project Jose!

Jose Gonzalez is a faithful Minion and developing artist! The guy loves to draw and I have taken him under my wing to help him improve his drawing skills! I assigned him to draw a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat and below is what Jose drew.

Jose’s first pass at drawing a magician pulling a rabbit from a hat.

I then took Jose’s drawing and went over it with red to punch it up a little and help him make a better drawing out of it!

I recorded myself doing it and below you can see the video notes I gave Jose!

Below is his final pencil sketch with the adjustments I suggested!

Project Jose #1 Rough sketch with adjustments.

The Great Gordini!

All inked up and ready to go!

This is the fantastic  final inked drawing by Jose! The Great Gordini! What a difference eh Minions?!  Let’s give it up for Jose folks!

Be on the lookout for Project Jose assignment #2! where I asked Jose to draw some robots playing poker! It’s going to be sweet!

Until next time Minions!



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  5 Responses to “Man vs. Art Episode 36! Pitching your stories and ideas.”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Krishna Sadasivam, Raul Aguirre Jr.. Raul Aguirre Jr. said: Minions! Man vs. Art Episode 36 is up! Pitching your stories and ideas plus Project Jose #1 http://bit.ly/aTOGm5 […]

  2. This was SPOT ON. Great advice on story. I love the sarcasm, too. Hahaha. They Latina with a samurai sword story…priceless!

    • Thanks Jim! I find a little sarcasm can be a very useful tool in making a point. All hail Latina with a Samurai sword! It’s Bladerunneresque!

  3. Had the opportunity to listen to this show today at work. You landed on exactly the problem I see with so many films today. “Wouldntitbecoolitis?” Starting with a supposition like that is okay, but it can’t be your actual story. (Now I just have to put that in practice myself!)

    I have to agree with Jim about the samurai Latina. I would have used her sword to cause great harm to myself if I had been through a real meeting like that. Thanks for trying to set the world straight, Raul.

    • Matt, you absolutely hit the nail on the head. “Woulntitbecoolitis” is a good place to start, but basing your whole story on it is disastrous. As for Guillermo and his Latina Sword nonsense, imagine having to sit through hours and hours of tat crap over the course of many years. I believe listening to him actually made me stupider.

      Thanks for the kind words and keep listening!

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