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Nov 242010

Hola Minions!

In today’s show I give you a few helpful tips on making your drawings more expressive!


A  simple way to make your characters look more expressive is to pay attention to the eye direction. When you are doing a pin up of a cartoon character 9 out of 10 times you should have the character looking at us. It is much more powerful to have the figure make eye contact with the viewer.  A lot of artists show their lack of confidence by having the character looking away. Not good! Unless the eye direction is dictated by the story in a panel or action you should have your cartoon making good eye contact with us.

Take a look at this example below. which one looks better? The bottom one of course! Why? Because the character’s eye direction is stronger and he is “interacting” with us!


Here’s a tip when drawing eyes that will help you get a stronger eye direction.  Draw the pupils first then draw the eye shape around the pupil! Seriously! When  roughing out a character, I have found that drawing just  dots for the pupils and THEN finishing the eyes around the dots! This  gives the expression strength! Always draw the most important aspect of your character first and then connect to it and build around it.


Exaggeration is a key component in making a good cartoon drawing. Don’t be afraid to push your poses beyond what you think is acceptable! Remember! It is always easier to “pull back” from an overly exaggerated pose than to take a weak pose and try to “push it!”


In order to make a pose “read” it needs to have a good silhouette.  If you were to black out your drawing would it still read? Would people still be able to “get” what’s going on?

So keep these tips in mind when you are drawing cartoon characters and I guarantee your drawings will look better! Better drawings make happy artists!


In today’s’ podcast I also dip into the Man vs Art Minion Mailbag for some Minion Opinion. I got a very interesting letter from Omar Rodriguez an up and coming animator from Alabama who oozes Man vs. Art passion for animation! Check out  his stuff at the links below. Omar is well on his way on becoming an accomplished animator and we here at Man vs. Art wish him all the best!



Happy Thanksgiving Minions!

Raul and Che

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  2. Thanks for the eye tips! I’m gonna try it…

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