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Feb 172011

Minions! I present you Mike White……

….The creator of the hysterically charming comic Amity Blamity!

Mike White Born & raised in Canada, has always dreamed about writing & drawing stories about his characters.  At the age of 12, he was introduced to the world of independent comics and began making photocopied mini comics  selling them at local stores and comic conventions throughout high school.

Mike eventually went on to college & studied Classical Animation.

After 5 years working in TV and making award winning music videos, he moved to California enamored by the promise of opportunity and shiny things.

He is now back to his first love & childhood dream: creating  memorable stories and characters in the spirit Bone, Calvin & Hobbes, Bloom County, and the many influences/inspirations of his youth.

Mike comes  from an animation background and below you can see samples of his animated antics.

Mike directed the MSTRKRFT music video.

MSTRKRFT – Work On you
Uploaded by Differentrecordings. – Watch more music videos, in HD!

Mike worked at a Canadian studio that did animation service work and a few in house properties.  He did some work on the WB’s Johnny Test season 2

They under bid studios in Asia and had a better productions schedule.

He then went on the supervise to eventually become animation director on a Delilah and Julius the final season. Apparently the director got too stressed, quit, and promoted Mike to  Animation Director so he could go back to just animating. A very common occurrence I have seen all too often  in the animation biz.

Here is another Music Video project that was done on the cheap. Mike spent 1 hour a day for 2 months while working 14 – 16 hour days at the studio! This was done 100%  in Flash 8

Mike boldly took his animation training and leveraged it into a career doing iPhone & Facebook Games in Silicon Valley.

Then he used everything he learned along the way about art and production management and put it towards his own comic book property.

Here you can check out an interview Mike did for his publisher Slave Labor Graphics.

Here is a link to where to pre-order Mike’s book Amity Blamity!

I read the book and thoroughly enjoyed the beautifully cartooned characters and charming story.  Mike’s little creation is as cool as it is funny. What all cartoons should be! Give it a look Minions!

You can TWITTER Mike or check out his blog Amity Blamity!


Check out some paper craft “action” figures (some assembly required) of the Amity Blamity gang! A little gift to the Man vs. Art Minions from Mike White!




Uncle Downey

Uncle Downey 2

Thanks Mike!

Man vs. Art Book Review!

click the pick to get a copy of the book.

ANIMATED PERFORMANCE: Bringing imaginary animal, human and fantasy characters to life (AVA Press, 2010) ISBN13: 9782940373819 Written and illustrated by Nancy Beiman.
Folks, I’ve read this book half a dozen times and loved every minute of it.  So much so, that it has made it to the top shelf of my animation book collection. Right next to Frank and Ollie’s “Disney Animation the Illusion of Life”, Richard Williams’ “Animator’s Survival Kit”, Preston Blair’s “Animation”, Shamus Culhane’s “Animation from Script to Screen” and Kitty Kelley’s “His Way: An Unauthorized Biography Of Frank Sinatra”.

Veteran Animator Nancy Beiman has masterfully crafted an EPIC 232 page tome of illuminating animation knowledge that is a MUST HAVE for any student or animation professional.

I mean this.

Big time.

The book is beautifully designed and is brimming with incredible animation wisdom.  It oozes pure cartoon awesomeness and really shows us how to get the most out of our animated character’s performance. Nancy uses her wit, brilliant illustrations, and quotes from animation masters like Art Babbit and Shamus Culhane and many others to back up all of her points.

I personally found it tremendously inspirational and fun! I cannot recommend this book enough! If you are serious about kicking your animated characters up to the next level, then this book is definitely for you!

Man vs. Art gives Nancy Beiman’s ANIMATED PERFORMANCE: Bringing imaginary animal, human and fantasy characters to life, a big honkin’ white gloved four fingered hand thumbs up!
Way to go Nancy and thank you!

Raul Aguirre Jr. Animator and Host of the Man vs. Art Podcast.

Man vs. Art beyond the book review!

Animator and Author Nancy Beiman shows us that animators are not be constrained by the bodily limitations that restrict human actors. you will learn how species, weight, and design affect character actions, so that no two character performances are ever alike.

The book also examines the ways in which an individual character’s movements vary with the emotional or narrative context. Hundreds of thumbnail drawings show how cloth, paper, wood, stone, animal, invertebrate, winged, aquatic and mechanical beings can live and move without losing their non-human qualities.


The book can be found at Amazon.com for the regular price of $49.95, but right now it’s on sale for $36.46!
Click the pic of the book’s cover at the beginning of the review  above and  it’ll shoot you straight there.

What the heck are waiting for?!


Man vs. Art in a Public Display of  Cartooning!

That’s right Minions it’s that time of the year again! It’s time for the Sal-i-bration at Geeks comics!

Dig this killer cartoon Minion Neil Segura knocked out to promote the event!

WTF is Sal-i-bration you ask? It’s the Cartoonista Bash that celebrates the birthday of our good friend the owner of Geeks Comics Sal Felix! A bunch of Animators, Cartoonists, Comic Book Creators, and assorted spaz cases come together and do live art, scarf  tons of munchies, chug some beverages, (booze and the other kind) all in honor of Sal! We love the guy for running such an awesome store, allowing us to hold art shows and animation festivals there and most of all for crack dealing our comic book and toy addictions! Sal is a super guy and we love him! Everyone is invited to hang out, sketch, and PARTY! Word is we’ll be jumping in a new Cartoonista that evening! So get there and be square!

Coming soon!

Chonie gushing news Minions!

On the next Man vs. Art … World’s will collide and multiverses will be in crisis when Man vs. Art’s  Raul Aguirre Jr. and Che  join forces with  Big Illustration Party Time’s Kevin Cross and Joshua Kemble to tear the art world a new one  in an EPIC crossover event so rad it can only be called Man Vs. Party, or Party Vs. Art, maybe Art Vs. Party. Uhh, what the heck, Man vs.  Party works!

back from suspended animation!

The Art Podcast equivalent of Batman Teaming up with Superman in World’s Finest. Only this team up crossover is World’s Raddest!

Stay tuned  Minions for the triumphant return of Big Illustration Party Time on the Man vs. Art Podcast!

You may now wring out your chonies.



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  2. Solid show man! I really dig you guys talking about creator owned projects. Hearing Mike’s journey was very inspiring. I am definitely going to pick up his book!

    P.S. Thanks for the nice words about the Salibration poster.

    -Neil Segura

    • Neil, I’m glad you enjoyed the show dude! I feel like I’m on a roll! You kicked ass on the poster man! Plus, I totally loved your book Forever Freshman! We’ll see you at the Salabration!

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