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Apr 152011

Cartoon Guy!


Jerry Beck is an animation historian and cartoon producer. His fifteen books on the subject include The Animated Movie Guide, Looney Tunes: The Ultimate Visual Guide and The 50 Greatest Cartoons. He is a former studio exec with Nickelodeon and Disney, and is currently a consulting producer to Warner Bros., Universal and Disney for their classic animation DVD compilations. Beck has programmed animation retrospectives and animator tributes for the Annecy and Ottawa Animation Festivals, The Museum of Modern Art and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. He has taught animation history at NYU, SVA, the AFI and UCLA. He is currently teaching Animation History at Woodbury University in Burbank, California.




Cartoon Modern written by Jerry’s partner on Cartoonbrew.com  Amid Amini


Jerry mentioned  that Nick Cross is one of the hottest indy animators out there. I totally agree! I mean look at his stuff! He’s currently working on a feature length film callled Black Sunrise.

Looks really heavy and cool Minions!


Coconut Fred’s Fruit Salad Island.

Jerry mentioned the  WB’s short lived Spongebob knockoff Coconut Fred’s Fruit Salad Island.  I didn’t remember it and after a little research I can see why.


John K!


You guys need to check out John  “Ren and Stimpy” Kricfalusi’s blog John K Stuff! Absolutely awesome animation history, technique, and style resource! John tells it like it is!


Some Animated Short Goodies.  A couple of fans were kind enough to post our cartoons on youtube guys!

Jerry’s most recent animation project, Hornswiggle. Tom Sito came on board to Storyboard the cartoon.


Hero Heights My animated short I made for the same shorts anthology series as Jerry. The lower quality version has over 46,000 hits!

Here is a higher quality version.


Burbank International Film Festival!

click the image for submission info!

This Year’s Burbank International Film Festival invites all animators to submit to its September 17th full day of animation programming! This is the first year of Burbank International Film Festival’s exclusive Bill Plympton Award for Indie Animation, to be presented by Bill himself whom we’re honoring with our Pioneer in Theatrical Animation Award. Also honored this year with our “Pioneer in Television Animation.” is Mark Kirkland, senior director of The Simpsons! Both honorees are judges for the final round of animation along with Cartoon Historian and CartoonBrew.com founder Jerry Beck.

Guess What? Yours Truly your Man vs. Art will be one of the animation Judges as well!

Animators! Submit at burbankfilmfestival.org! Click the image above for submission info!

Regular submission deadline is June 15th.

Project Jose 2! Rise of the PokerBots!

click the pic to see Jose's Blog!

Jose Gonzalez is a faithful Minion and developing artist! The guy loves to draw and I have taken him under my wing to help him improve his drawing skills! I assigned him to draw some robots playing poker below is what Jose drew.

Jose’s turned in a couple of rough concept drawings of robots playing poker.

PokerBots rough concept #1 by Jose Gonzalez


PokerBots rough concept #2 by Jose Gonzalez

I then took Jose’s concept and went over it with red to punch it up a little and help him make a better drawing out of it! I recorded a video  of my notes session with Jose!


Below is his final inked piece with the adjustments I suggested!

Final Illustration! WOW!

Let’s give it up for Jose folks!

Until next time Minions!



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