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Jul 082011

One Crazy Weekend in Anaheim!

I spent Fourth of July weekend tabling in Artist’s Alley at the 2011 AM2 Anime Manga Music Con! It’s not my usual kind of crowd or event but I figured what the heck? Time to expand my horizons and meet new people! I’m sure glad I did!

The Man vs. Art Crew!

With the help of my wife “The Lovely and Vivacious Hortencia” and my nephew Jacob, I set up my table with original art, prints, my books, DVDs, buttons, and cards for sale.  Plus I also took commissions that I would draw up on the spot.  If you could think it up, I would draw it for you!  A bunch of new minions signed up for the Man vs. Art subscription list and I got lots and lots of compliments on my stuff.


I met a ton of really cool folks who take their Manga and Anime very seriously! There were loads of cosplayers and other assorted misfits who all managed to fit in quite nicely at the event!


Cosplay Mecha!  Epic!


Cosplay Gundam Epic for a different reason!


In the podcast you hear me chat  with 3   Anime Manga Studs!

L.B  from ani.me

Omar from ani.me


Fluffs Mckenzie from weeabo.me


Thanks for your support!

Grasiela Rodriguez showed up for a few laughs. She is so supportive and such a great friend! Also thank you to all the Minions that showed up and claimed a button! You guys rule!





I also had a chance to talk to some fellow artists in Artist’s Alley

Mark Morella


Then I talked to a couple of young ladies Jamukoand Cottton-Keyk


Pompi the girl on the left refused to be interviewed. She almost fainted…


Check  out just how talented these young ladies are! Excellent stuff!



So how did it go?

As for how I did? Well I sold a few original sketches and did  a couple of commissions! My Cowboy Bebop Faye Valentine sketch went withing the first hour! Below you can see my rough pencils and finished inked drawing.

This fellow bought my Faye Valentine sketch  and then commissioned me to draw a mermaid for him! Not just a mermaid mind you, a mermaid breaking out of an aquarium with a crow bar.

It was great! I may not be an Anime or Manga specialist, but if you give me some decent reference material I can knock it out!


Apparently my chops are  good enough for hardcore anime and manga fans to buy my original sketches! I made some pretty good money folks! I definitely will be back next year!


Other Man vs. Art news!

Group show I’m exhibiting  in this weekend.

click for more info

36″X48″ Acrylic on Canvas

Picasso Earrings Collaboration with my wife.

I sculpted some earrings for my wife just like the ones Picasso made and gave to Frida Kahlo! Severed hands! How surreal and cool!  I created the armatures of both hands with wire and sculpted the forms with sculpy.

Hortencia baked them in an oven, painted them, and added the sparkly bits and hardware.

They came out pretty cool if I do say so myself.  The wife’s smile says it all!


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