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Aug 032011

Ladies’ Night

A Solo Art Exhibition

Featuring the Fine Artworks of Artist, Animator, Writer, and Director

Raul Aguirre Jr.

Art by Raul Aguirre Jr.

Here are the pieces I exhibited in the show.



Artist Commentary

This is a video slideshow of the art exhibition with my commentary. The audio is from the last segment of  today’s podcast.


The Lovely and Vivacious Hortencia and The Man vs. Art.

This was my first Solo Art Exhibit. To me this meant a lot. It was quite an experience! I loved every moment of  it and had a total blast! The show went great! The party was awesome!


But before I go any further, I want to thank those people responsible for giving me one of the most memorable nights of life.


Yolanda Garcia

Thanks to Casita Del Pueblo gallery owner Yolanda Garcia for giving an old cartoonist the chance to display his fine art creations.

Raul Aguirre Jr. and Yolanda Garcia.


Anna Alvarado

Thanks to Yolanda’s assistant Anna Alvarado for running the business side of the show so well!  Did I mention Anna is a very talented painter? Check her out on FB.

Anna Alvarado




art by Anna Alvarado



Grasiela Rodriguez

Thank you Grasiela Rodriguez the Art Mermaid!  She did a kick ass pro job with the installation of my art pieces!  I am fortunate to have such a great friend like Grasiela.

Precision is the key to a good art installation!

Check out Grasiela’s blog.

The Lovely and Vivacious Hortencia














I love this woman!














Ladies’ Night would have never happened without the help of my wife, the Lovely and Vivacious Hortencia.  She stepped up and knocked it out of the park!

She is my Swiss Army Wife!

Leading up to the show Hortencia handled everything between the gallery and me. That really freed me up to concentrate on the art!

Hortencia helped me select which works to include in the show and not only that she framed and matted every piece!

But it doesn’t stop there! She helped Grasiela with the installation. Then she took care of putting together the prints and cards for the show! Did I mention matted and packaged all the prints too?

If that wasn’t enough, Hortencia also created the menu, prepared the spread, and coordinated the presentation of it! The food was awesome! Chicken Skewers with satay sauce, cream cheese bacon and jalapeno rolls! Also she set out veggie, fruit, and cheese platters as well as a delicious spinach dip!  All made from scratch!  She topped it off with a two foot tall strawberry tree!  Now you guys know why I’m so fat.

Art, Artist, and Collector.

The show got off to a fantastic start let me tell you. An hour before the show even opened, a regular client of the gallery came in and get this!  He bought one of my pieces! I don’t know who’s chonies were gushier, me for selling the piece or the gentleman who bought it. Either way it’s win win! The buyer asked to remain anonymous because he is “involved in sensitive government work.”  So I figure he’s either an undercover cop or fed. Or he’s in the witness protection program. Either way how awesome is that?!!

Good Times!

To all my family, friends, minions, and guests…….Thank you very much for joining the celebration!




The Art of Photobombing.

If you look closely at the last two collages above you will see evidence of yours truly corrupting the mind of an impressionable child.  I threw a photobomb at the last second when the picture was taken in a silly attempt at  showing the world how “METAL!” I am.

Apparently my nephew Aiden saw his Uncle Raul acting like a jack wagon and decided it was so cool he had to do the same thing himself not even 3 minutes later.


Maybe next time I’ll teach him how to smoke.

Whew! I hope you check out the podcast that accompanies this blog post for the in depth scoop on what transpired at Ladies’ Night!

My goal going into this show was to share my art, party with my friends and family, meet new people, and just get out there.  I didn’t worry about making sales and all that jazz. I figured if I don’t sell anything that’s cool. Any money I do make is just gravy.



If you are interested in purchasing an original framed piece or a print please drop me an email.






Sunday August 28th!

Celebrate Jack Kirby’s Birthday Cartoonista Style!

Illustration by  Cartoonista and Minion Neil Segura.


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