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Nov 022011

Hola Minions!

On today’s show the subject is Poetry.

These days the word poetry has some lousy stigma attached to it.  Most people think poetry is only for greeting cards and angsty teens who like to cut themselves.  I happen to love poetry with a passion. A truly great poet can touch your soul, cram volumes of truth about the human experience into just a few lines, and make a you rethink your views of life. Let’s see a Hallmark card do that.


Christopher Luke Trevilla The Stand Up Philosopher

My guest today a very talented young poet named Christopher Luke Trevilla.   Chris refers to  himself as a ” Stand-Up Philosopher”.  He was inspired by the great Mel Brooks and his line from History of the World Part I. Chris said  “As a  Stand-Up Philosopher  I coalesce the vapors of human experience into a viable and logical comprehension.  You know, a bullshit artist!”


I met Chris  back in the summer of 2009 at the Nuvein Foundation West Covina Literature and Arts Festival.  I was tabling at the event, selling prints, books, and doing portrait commissions. All of a sudden the DJ  started spinning a Jamiroquai beat and this big shaggy haired kid in a red shirt started belting out a powerfully passionate poem called “Modern Living”.  I was so moved and impressed by his belly fire that I busted out my easel and  painted this sketch of Chris.

Chris by Raul

Christopher Luke Trevilla (aka ǣT) is a 31 year old artist residing in Whittier, CA who has been an active artist in the fields of poetry, prose, drama, and music from his youth. He has sung sessions with musicians, written short comedic sketches and dramas, organized artistic events, performed in theater productions, done stand up comedy, and continues to explore artistic opportunities all over Southern California.

His true passion is  for the art of poetry. He has been working  the poetry circles around Southern California for several years, participating in Open Mic readings and Poetry Jams across Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County, and the San Gabriel Valley.  From 2005 to 2008 Chris maintained an active poetry and prose blog on Myspace where he enjoyed a considerable following and has been published in several anthologies over the years.


Christopher collaborates with various writer and poetry groups throughout Los Angeles and is a board member at the Nuvein Foundation for Literature and the Arts where serves as the head of the Literature, Letters, and Literacy Project or Nuvein 3LP. Their mission is to address illiteracy by creating opportunities throughout the San Gabriel Valley and beyond for children, youth, and adults  to express themselves through words.

The focus of Christopher’s poetry  has always been on the relationships between humanity, culture, modernity, and the mystical underpinnings of our existence.  A theme  he plans to explore in an upcoming poetry publication with the Nuvein Foundation due out the Summer of 2012.

Christopher’s Blog

Chris on Facebook

Southern  California Poetry resources (groups, gatherings, open mics, etc.)


Enjoy a sampling of Christopher’s works.


Dia De Los Muertos

By: Christopher Luke Trevilla

See the people, see their lights
The flickering flames in the wind of twilight
Shadows in the dark
They remember, they never forgot
those that built them up, tore them down, defined, refined them all
The crucible of living
Sounds of song emanate –

Como quisiera que tu volvieras

The minstrels in mariachi garb recite their poems
of lost loves,
of lost days,
of lost ones
the memory, the wound
ever fresh, ever present
a communion of souls

See the village, see their procession
The ordered cadence of life’s very heart beating
into the silence of the time
a moment to hold thoughts and tongue
for those who speak no more but haunt the memory

The minister cries aloud to the huddled masses-

De Polvo fuiste, De Polvo Seras –Kyrie Eleison

Pilgrims with gifts
arrayed in spectral colored regiments
defiant of the black sorrow on their mourning garbs
a procession of food and familia
a Feast of friends, kin, and foe alike
They gather under the ceiling celestial
nature’s temple to honor those gone
the community of saints and sinner alike
under the same moon
under the same stars
under the same sun

Dia de Los Muertos
I will always love you
my fallen one
my muertito

Asi como fue en el principio,
y siempre sera

Man vs. Art

By: Christopher Luke Trevilla

I see
a world of colors
it challenges
my black and white mind
vision a prisoner
y hecho oscuro
by the cruel tyrannts
nature and nurture alike
hollow sights we call horizon
I struggle
to open my eyes
quiero ver para mirar

I hear
a sound unknown
removes my silent vigil
a music rising and harmony born
into the raucous, unstill air
my unfamiliar ears
desconocen tono y melodia
having been drowned out
by dissonant necessities of living
ears bleed
to manage
the lost art of listening
quisiera oir para escuchar

I touch
With numbed fingertips
Places, spaces, situations, circumstances
Things beyond my control
They rub against my own plans
Sanding my dreams down to nothing
As I try to build myself up
beyond a bump, a groove upon the earth
un grano nada mas rodando la superficie
yearning to rise up and be fruitful
reaching up to the sky
not kept low and bound by levity or gravity
to but only hold onto those things that last
as they fly rrom my own grasp
Quisiera tocar para retener
I taste and want
all things the same now
a bittersweet damnation
my preference
long ago
I knew enjoyment and satisfaction
all I know
now is abatement and mitigation
instantly gratifying
has me constantly mortified
siempre queriendo mas y mas
never having enough
food, comforts, luxuries
quisiera probar para saborear

I make
then war upon myself
to let Art create of me within
un mundo nuevo
within this one
the necessary anxiety of inspiration
that new born thing
that kills an older part of me
eternamente luchando estaremos
Today tomorrow forever
Ahoy manana siempre

Man versus Nature
Man versus Man
Man versus God
Man versus Art

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