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Feb 262012

2012 the year of  the Super Hero Movies

Wolverine or two Batmans?

Marvel has been dominating at the box office for the last couple of years. Warner Bros and DC are hoping to crush Marvel with Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated third and final chapter of his Batman Saga The Dark Knight Rises. Batman is going up against serious competition and going mano a mano a mano with Marvel’s The Avengers and Sony’s reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man.

Oh yeah, there is also Nicholas Cage’s return with Ghost Rider. Pfffft!

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance


This is “not really” a sequel to the crappy Ghost Rider from 2007.  Nicolas Cage is back as Johnny Blaze the Ghost Rider, as directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor have tried to revive the franchise by completely disregarding everything from the first film except for Cage. In the new film we have Blaze  in  Eastern Europe as he battles with his curse. He has no choice but to embrace his powers after being recruited by  by the church to save a young soul from the claws of Satan.

The Film was released on February 17 and is not doing too well.

The Avengers

Marvel Studios announced in 2005 their plan to ramp up towards an Avengers feature film by establishing a ‘Cinematic Universe’ with a series of solo movies. Fast Forward to 2012. Marvel has planted a solid foundation with the $2.3billion earned by their iconic line-up of hero films: Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger. They have been lucky to keep the majority of the original cast members still on board  except Edward Norton’s Bruce Banner who was replaced by Mark Ruffalo. The stage is set for director Joss Whedon to give fanboys major Super Hero wood!

All we  know about the movie is that the Avengers must assemble to thwart Thor’s douche nozzle brother Loki. Seeing Iron Man, Hawkeye, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, and Thor kicking ass together is guaranteed to be a killer film. Even if it sucks it will still be pretty good.

The Avengers is set for release on May 4th.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Sam Raimi’s three Spider-Man movies earned $2.5billion! It still wasn’t enough for Sony to extend Raimi’s stay on Spider-Man. Sony decided  to start over with a total  reboot.  Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst were also given the heave ho as Sony brought in Marc Webb to direct who then hired  up and coming actor Andrew Garfield to play Peter Parker, The Amazing Spider-Man.

I’m not too wild about the lame first person web-swinging and wall crawling action in the trailer. I don’t like the costume’s blue and red design,  but I do like the black webbing.  Also it’s worth mentioning that they are bringing back the Peter Parker built web shooters! I was grossed out by the wrist hole spurts from the Raimi films. I’m looking forward to seeing Spidey take on the Lizard. Besides, no matter how bad this film turns out, even if it’s worse than The Green Lantern it will still make a bazillion dollars.

The Amazing Spider-Man is set for release July 3rd

The Dark Knight Rises

The only things we know about Chis Nolan’s final chapter in the Batman Saga is that it begins eight years after The Dark Knight and that Batman will go up against  his greatest some heavy shit with Bane the guy who broke Batman’s back in the comic book.  Anne Hathaway will be playing as Catwoman which is fine by me.  Although I’m not feeling the Catwoman costume as of yet. I dunno. I think it needs a little more “Meow” if you know what I mean.

Nolan has said that The Dark Knight Rises will bring an end to the story he started with Batman Begins. With Bane as the villain, I’m sure Nolan will draw heavily on the classic KnightFall storyline and leave Batman ‘broken’ or dead. This movie is going to be intense and is the one I am most looking forward to.

The Dark Knight Rises is set for release  July 20th.

2012 is going to be an awesome year for super Hero films. I’m sure The Avengers will break records and make a ton of money for Marvel. Sony’s reboot of Spider-man will have a great start. But I predict The Dark Knight Rises will spank them all as the best film and biggest money maker.


Why Saturday Morning Cartoons are Dead.

When I was a wee lad no matter how crappy things got at school every week I always had one beacon of a hope. One thing to look forward to, and that was Saturday Morning cartoons. Sadly Saturday Morning cartoons are now dead. People ask all me all the time. “WTF happened to Saturday morning cartoons?”

This is what I tell them.

Saturday Morning Cartoons are Dead Because Kids Grow Up Faster
In 2012 kids grow up faster than they did in 1987. I don’t mean they grow faster physically. I mean their little minds grow up faster. These days kids have to face the real world at a much younger age. For many it’s no longer cool to watch cartoons after reaching the age of 10 years.

Saturday Morning Cartoons are Dead Because of Home Video.
Those of you who are in your 30’s and older,  think back to when you were a kid. Home videos weren’t the big deal they are today were they? We had one or two  videos tops. Not like kids today who are raised on home videos rather than Saturday morning cartoons.

Saturday Morning Cartoons are Dead Because Cable channels like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon
Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, show cartoons on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Kids can watch toons any time. They don’t have to wait until Saturday morning.

Saturday Morning Cartoons are Dead Because of the Internet. Net Flix and Youtube.
If you want cartoons you can find pretty much whatever you want at any time on the web.

Saturday Morning Cartoons are Dead Because of the FCC.
The Federal Communications Commission requires that every broadcast station at least three hours of educational and or informative TV per week.  Networks are sure as hell not going to show this crap during the day while kids aren’t at home. They aren’t going to schedule this stuff at night instead of their prime time shows garbage. So when do they have the least to lose and can still nail kids with educational crap? On Saturday mornings instead of cartoons.

Saturday Morning Cartoons are Dead Because of Video Games
Video games increase in popularity  more and more every year. Why watch transformers when you can be a transformer?





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