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Apr 232012

The flawed development system.

Developing and pitching ideas for animated TV shows to networks and studios is a tough way to go. I have been going at it for seven years. I’ve managed to sell one property, my  short Hero Heights at Nickelodeon.  I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of hours developing other shows and pitching them to all the networks only to be rejected time and time again, usually for silly reasons. Plus all of this development work is done for no pay. Network Development Execs listen to my pitches and make suggestions. I go back to the drawing board and bring it back only to have more changes asked for. It goes on and on and on until the Executive I have been working with is gone. The replacement then makes me shelve whatever it was I was developing with their predecessor and I have to start over. For no pay.

It’s tough out there!

I  know lots of other artists are out there developing and pitching their hearts out with little or nothing to show for it. I’m sure they are all as frustrated as me.  I came to the realization finally that the development system is flawed. We creators have been developing our shows for the wrong people. We’ve been developing our stuff for network executives, NOT the audience.  We’ve lost touch with who our stories are for. The audience should be our number one target not network brass.


So what do we do?

We should concentrate out efforts on producing our own animated shorts rather than developing incomplete pitches. That way in the end you’ll at least have something to show for your efforts. After seven years of developing dozens of show ideas all I have are those pitches.  I would much rather have a couple of animated shorts that I could at least present publicly. You can’t do shit with a pitch.


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