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Jun 092012

I have been using  Wacom tablets for almost decade, but only as an optional extra to using  paper. Although I have storyboarded using a tablet, it’s usually when deadlines are insanely tight. Lots of artists these days have totally gone with a tablet to draw and paint their work. The problem is that  most of us find it awkward to draw down here  on a tablet while looking up there at the  monitor.

I recently got a freelance job storyboarding a few episodes of an animated cartoon show. I found my paper and pencil technique was not going to cut the mustard. I needed to turn around my storyboards more quickly in order to stay competitive.  So I went out and bought myself A Wacom Cintiq 21UX. By using my cintiq in combination with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro I’ve been able to jam on my work!


The  Wacom Cinitq 21UX interactive pen display is an LCD monitor that enables artists to draw directly onto the computer’s screen. This is the first gizmo of its kind that  has artists  happy with the way drawing “feels”.  very . The tactile quality of the drawing pen is surprisingly awesome! We  no longer have to deal with the massive disconnect between the hand and the image.

The people at Wacom have put  tons of effort  into making a screen surface that actually has some paper-like “tooth” to it  and  a sensitive pen that feels and acts almost like a real pen or pencil.  They  have finally  listened to us artists! Up until now, getting the natural drawing sensation that an old school artist digs was impossible.

Here’s a sketch of the Hulk I did on the Cintiq using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

Check out the podcast for for some in depth Cintiq talk as well as a review of Marvel’s Latest film The Avengers!

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