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Sep 042012

Little old lady shits the bed in  restoration of a 100 year old Jesus fresco.

Dateline: Borja Spain

Question, how difficult is it to grab a paintbrush and restore a damaged fresco? According to Cecilia Giménez an elderly Spanish woman it’s pretty fuckin’ hard.

Cecelia’s catastrophic attempt to “restore” a century-old oil painting of Christ in a Spanish church has provoked popular uproar, and amusement.

This past July, Teresa Garcia the granddaughter of 19th-century painter Elías García Martínez made a donation to El Centro de Estudios Borjanos in Borja, Spain.   El Centro knew of only one painting by Martínez in Borja, the  Ecce Homo, a fresco portrait Of Jesus or Chuy as his 12 homies called him on the walls of the church of El Santuario de Misericordia.

Reps from El Centro went to check out the church mural in order to determine it’s current condition and what, if any restoration was needed. They were dumbfounded by what they saw. Apparently “somebody” had already “restored” the fresco. By “Somebody” I mean an 80-something year old lady who is NOT an artist, and by “restored” I mean totally fucked up beyond all recognition.

The first pic shows how the fresco looked in 2010. A little wear. Not too bad. The second picture is from last July when Cecelia “cleaned” the fresco and prepped it for her restoration. The last picture is the finalized restoration.


Sweet Jesus it looks like  a crayola sketch of a very hairy monkey or a sloth in an ill-fitting tunic.

 Personally I think it looks like the thing Shatner saw on the wing in the classic Twilight Zone episode.


Officials claim that after noticing the damage to the painting, the elderly Cecilia Giménez took it upon herself to restore it “with nothing but good intentions” but “without asking permission.”

Giménez  has  gone public to claim her restoration effort was sanctioned by the priest at the church where the fresco resides.  “The priest knew it,” she told a local TV station, adding that her work was done in full view of clergy and congregants.

Teresa Garcia, the granddaughter of painter Elías García Martínez, is convinced Giménez destroyed her grandfather’s painting. “Until now she just painted on the tunic, but the problem started when she painted the head as well,” Garcia said.

Giménez insists that she was just trying to revive her favorite depiction of Jesus and meant no harm. That may not be a  good enough excuse for authorities, who are considering charging Giménez with vandalism.

Let’s put a pin in this one and keep an eye on it.

A MEME is born.

The internet community always ready to pounce on stuff like this has already made a meme out of “Fresco Jesus”

Check out some of the riffs.

Conan O’brian did a segment on his show that you have to check out!

Check out episode 73 for my Riff on Performance art and a lesson in Art Biz Lingo.






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