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Sep 202009

So, first off an announcement!


On Saturday October 1oth 2009 Geeks Comics in beautiful uptown Whittier California will be hosting “NIGHT OF THE SPARROW” a solo Art Show and book signing for little ol’ me!  That’s right, I will be celebrating the release of my self published  action adventure romance and espionage comic book  “CODENAME: SPARROW” I’ll be there signing the book and showcasing a gallery of fine drawings and paintings based on the characters in “CODENAME: SPARROW!”  There will be prints for sale as well as original work! So c’mon down and say hi!

Check out the promotional piece I  made for the event.

Check out the promotional piece I made for the event.

Welcome to part two of Man Vs. Art Episode 007!

You are all in for a treat! Submitted for your enjoyment and animation education is my first Interview on Man Vs. Art! The first of many I hope.  I’ve been on the other side of the mic plenty of times before,  this marks the beginning of my foray into interviewmanship.  Hey I think I invented a word!  I feel like Don King.

Who the @#?!! is Jim Lujan?

He is a  friend, colleague, and all around nut job!  Jim Lujan who was instrumental in getting me to start this blog and Podcast. In fact he demanded it!  He is a very funny fellow with quite a few loose screws in that head, which makes him the perfect candidate  for a career in Cartooning!

I met Jim thanks to networking Maestro  Javier Hernandez the creator of El Muerto, Man Swamp and Demolition Dove! Javier asked me to join his Artist Collective the San Gabriel Valley Cartoonistas.  A secret society bent on world domination through the use of Cartoons, Comics and Animation.  We make public appearances and perform live art all over town with the support of the Nuvein Foundation for Literature and the Arts.

They are a A small non-profit organization in El Monte California that is committed to connecting communities to the arts. Nuvein Foundation’s mission is to raise funds for scholarships for students pursuing a career in the arts and to support those already in the arts. Nuvein is also committed to showcasing the arts through community arts presentations, live performances, and educational programs.

And now I’m involved with them!  God Help us all!

Here is one of Jim’s many films, it’s his latest Called John Henry Unicorn.

If you want more Jim try these links!

Jim’s Blog

Jim’s youtube channel is worth a look.  Set your ass to “Laughed off!”

Jim Lujan and Raul Aguirre jr.

Jim Lujan and Raul Aguirre jr.

Self inflicted portraits by Jim, a shot of Jim  taunting school children because they can’t drive, a cartoon I made lampooning Luca Brazzi in the Godfather when I was inducted into the Cartoonistas. That’s a tall and elegant Javier Hernandez as the Don, and looking like Sonny is Jim.

Here are a few of the things we  mentioned in the interview.

Ralph Bakshi’s

Coolworld 1992

Wizards 1977

Lord of the Rings

A Touch of Evil opening shot.

Darn Good Flick!

Get your stinkin' paws off me you damn dirty Gringo.

Get your stinkin' paws off me you damn dirty Gringo.

Absolutely Brilliant! Orson Welles as a crooked  fat cop and Charlton Heston plays a MEXICAN!!!  CARAMBA!

It was fun doing and putting together the interview and I hope youfolks enjoy it!

Have an Artful Day!

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  5 Responses to “Man Vs. Art gets a one man Art Show! Plus! A candid interview with talented Los Angeles Independent Animator Jim Lujan.”

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  2. Raul, you’ve smoothly glided over into position as the Larry King of cartoon interviews! Really enjoyed hearing you and Mr. James Lujan talk shop. MAN VS. ART continues to provide great content at the best possible price!

    Javier Hernandez

    • Awe shucks Jav! I’m like blushing over here. Thanks, you provided me with the inspiration. I had so much fun on your show, I couldn’t resist!

    • thanks Jav! I’m really trying to do original stuff that will help preserve cartooning and inspire youngsters to study the masters. You know Ditho, Kirby, and Hernandez!

  3. LhlML4 I bookmarked this link. Thank you for good job!

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