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Aug 182010

Pimp my Drawing!

Chris Wilson a Minion of the Man vs. Art Podcast sent in a drawing he did for me to critique. I like what Chris did. Real creepy dude! But I saw a few places where he could punch it up a little. So without destroying his original idea, I went with a new layer in photoshop and drew my suggestions on top.


Nightmarish Psycho Freak digital art by Chris Wilson

by: Man vs.Art Minion Chris Wilson

My suggestions for where Chris can make adjustments.

Mr. Wilson's art with some Man vs. Art advice.

It’s not the right way. It’s not the Only way. This is just my way. I hope it helps.

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  3 Responses to “Man vs. Art Minion Drawing Critique”

  1. Hey man, I’m new here, but how do you become a minion of the Man vs. Art community??

    • You become a minion just by listening to the show, commenting, and spreading the word! Simple as that. In fact you already did it. Congrats, you are a Minion!

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