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Jul 122010

Pin-up Girl Sketching DEMO!

Hola Minions! Welcome to a hopefully new feature of  Man vs. Art.  I am resurrecting the drawing demonstrations and hope to post one every other week in between podcasts! IF you guys like this sort of stuff, I’ll do more. If you would like to suggest something you want me to draw send me an email to [email protected]!

First up is a pin up girl demo featuring Vampirella. Now I’m not saying this is the right way, or the only way to sketch a pretty girl. This is just my way. The Man vs. Art way.  I am using a Wacom Graphire 3 Tablet and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

This is by no means  a finished piece.  Just a quick sketch with only the pencil tool and eraser tool. No fancy tools or filters or whatever. Just plain good old fashioned drawing and my thought process behind it. Enjoy!

quick wacom tablet sketch of a pin up girl

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  4 Responses to “Man Vs. Art Pin-up Girl Drawing Demo! Vampirella”

  1. Starting the eyes with the pupils is a great tip! I always end up making the iris’ too large while trying to get the eyes to look in the same direction. I bet this’ll be just the trick I need.

    • The pupil trick is an old Glen Keane Disney trick that really works well and ends up giving your characters stronger eye direction! Glad you enjoyed the demo!

  2. All the advice in this video is dead on man. Way to go.

    • Thanks Luis! After so many years of having drawing rules being hammered into my head, it all happens by reflex and instinct now! LOL

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