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Aug 132009

Okay so you’re with me this far.

That’s good.  It means you are serious about becoming a better artist.

Well here is your chance.

This is the first in a series of  exercises for you to do.  I dug into the old tome  “10,001 ideas for silly drawings” and found this gem.


Draw Frankenstein’s creature and the Wolf man playing one on one basketball.

Here’s mine.  I did it with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and my Wacom Tablet on a PC.


So grab your favorite pencil or pen  and a sheet of  paper from your printer and draw your version of the prompt in under ten minutes.

Draw smarter not harder! That’s the way a pro does it!

When you are done, email  me a copy or post it on Flickr and send me the link.  I’ll then post it on Man vs. Art to chart your progress.  I’ll answer any questions you may have.  Then every month or two I’ll pick  the artist who has made the most progress and he or she will win a killer drawing of themselves drawn by me. Here is a sample of  portraits I have done.
Thanks for dropping by. Keep those pencils and brains sharp!
And most of  all have and artful day!


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