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Jan 062014
Master Miyazaki By Raul Aguirre Jr.

Top 8 Art stories from 2013


First up, I’m sure I missed something.  There were lots of  big news in the Art World  this year. Damien Hirst had another installation ripped off.  Works of Fine art selling for record numbers,  A&E the arts and entertainment channel finally went to shit.  Anyway, sorry If I missed something this is just the stuff that really stood out to me.   And now Here we go.



#1 Banksy bitch slaps New York with art  2:50


All images ©2013 Banksy

Trendy, jaded, and snobby New Yorkers  got worked up into a frothy frenzy over Banksy’s  30 Day Artist’s Residency  in New York called “Better out than in.”    The mysterious graffiti artist left his witty subversive  mark across the Big Apple.  He used his website and Instagram account to let fans know where he had struck each day! The eccentric  Banksy  set up a Central Park art booth selling his original, signed  art for $60.  A couple  of customers unknowingly bought the extremely valuable artwork at dirt cheap! $60.o0 for work from a guy who has sold some for $1,000,000 or more. Unfortunately, for anyone looking to score one of the large pile of remaining originals, Banksy declares at that it was a 1 day only sale.




Social and political


Animal Rights




Banky’s crowning moment of awesome



Banksy took a cheap Hudson River School style painting from a thrift store called Housing Works,. He painted  a Nazi chilling  on a bench on the painting, and re-donated it back to the store with his signature. Housing Worksauctioned it off for $615,000.


#2 Billion Dollar Nazi hoard discovered. 7:55



Nazis posing with art in Venice, Italy. Artworks Worth $1.6 Billion, Stolen by Nazis, Discovered in German Apartment. Art masterpieces seized by the Nazis and thought to have been destroyed in British bombing raids on Germany during WW2 have been found behind rotting food in a loner’s modest apartment near Munich.

#3 Russians have balls 13:57



A Russian performance artist Pyotr Pavlensky  stripped naked and nailed his genitals to the ground of Moscow’s Red Square in a shocking protest aimed at “the police state”.


#4 Hayao Miyazaki: Retires?  16:52


Master Miyazaki By Raul Aguirre Jr.

Master Miyazaki By Raul Aguirre Jr.

Last Fall,  Oscar-winning Japanese film-maker Hayao Miyazak announced his retirement  from directing after the release of his final movie, which premiered in competition at the Venice film festival.  However, Miyazaki also “retired” in the after  Princess Mononoke in 1997.  He returned to direct Spirited Away four years later. He also came in and took the wheel of Howl’s Moving Castle in 2004 when original director Mamoru Hosoda up and quit the film.  2 months after the announcement, Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki appeared on a  Japanese TV    and discussed Miyazaki’s  plans to serialize a Samurai manga.




#5 $1.26 Million Picasso Raffle Won by Pennsylvania Resident for $137 Ticket 19:30


An American  won an online raffle for a $1.26 million piece by Pablo Picasso after buying a ticket for the price of $137.  The 1914 piece was auctioned off to benefit the efforts to save the ancient city of Tyre, and was won by Pennsylvania resident Jeffrey Gonano.

#6  Morgan Freeman portrait hoax 20:40


The Gif above flips back and forth between the soudce photograph and the “ipad finger painting”

Some people are so talented.  Some are douchebags. Some are talented douchebags. This artist spent over 200 hours and made 285,000 brush strokes to create painting of Morgan Freeman that is as a pixel for pixel reproduction of the photo reference. Artist Kyle Lambert thinks we are all stupid.  He did no such thing. His finger painting is a photograph.

#7George Zimmerman Racist Murderer now Artist? 30:37



WTF? Consider this. George Zimmerman, the former neighbourhood watchman acquitted by a Florida jury earlier in 2013 for the fatal shooting of African American teenager Trayvon Martin, has put what is said to be his first painting for sale on eBay



#8 Former President George W. Bush an Artist? WTF?

bush paints

Yup! and he paints puppy dogs and  kitty cats! I’m torn here folks!  A war criminal who sent thousands of our boys to die in Iraq under false pretenses and is responsible for about 1/2 a million Iraqi deaths paints kitties!

Forgive me if I don’t get too choked up about the kitties.

GWB_moe Paintings

At the end of the show I rant about Quality of art as not being subjective. Taste! Compare A Jack Kirby Captain America



with a Rob Leifeld version.

tumblr_m780y2CKBI1qenfp1Remember. Rob drew this Captain America.

I rest my case.

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